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One day workshops focusing on stress anxiety anger relationship

Can psychotherapy, counselling help!

One Day Anger Management Course Dates

Professional group psychotherapis tUKCP registered, Diploma in Supervision, 20 years experience.

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Practice address:- 591 Heathway, Dagenham, Essex, RM9 5AZ. Contact :- 0208 595 9633

Enquiries welcome. E-mail or Tel : Jacky Ross, Administrator 0208 595 9633

Currently spaces for group supervision and Skype supervision.

Currently spaces in a Thursday evening therapy group at the Dagenham practice - email or telephone 07941943916 to discuss.

 I don’t consider myself to be ill, but I find myself becoming upset at work and do not know why! Can a group psychotherapist help?

When can therapy help? Effective counselling, therapy treatment.


Many people see a group psychotherapist while still working and leading outwardly ordinary lives. An effective therapy is a safe place to explore feelings and experiences that trouble you with the aim of understanding your responses better and changing where you choose.

At assessment with a group psychotherapist there is the opportunity to discover how a therapy session goes, to set goals or a focus for effective therapy. There will need to be consideration of which approach you find most helpful. Also the length of time, whether short or brief psychotherapy ( six to ten sessions ) or more open ended, medium to longer time.

The question whether the therapy can help, is effective therapy is clearly dependent on the skill of the therapist but crucially it depends on the patients commitment, consistent attendance, willingness to be open and engage with perhaps one’s more painful, secret innermost areas.


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