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One day workshops focusing on stress anxiety anger relationship

Drugs and psychotherapy, counselling

One Day Anger Management Course Dates

Professional group psychotherapis tUKCP registered, Diploma in Supervision, 20 years experience.

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Practice address:- 591 Heathway, Dagenham, Essex, RM9 5AZ. Contact :- 0208 595 9633

Enquiries welcome. E-mail or Tel : Jacky Ross, Administrator 0208 595 9633

Currently spaces for group supervision and Skype supervision.

Currently spaces in a Thursday evening therapy group at the Dagenham practice - email or telephone 07941943916 to discuss.

Page in brief : FAQ of a group psychotherapist concerning drugs and medication

FAQ, Does my therapist administer drugs? Medication and counselling therapy.


As a psychotherapist I practice what is commonly known as “the talking cure”. I support your contact with your GP and psychiatrist who will prescribe drugs, medication when needed. If I believe you need treatment that is outside my expertise I would refer you to the appropriate specialist service.

FAQ, It is helpful at assessment to describe any medication or drug treatment you are taking.

If your medication is so strong that you find it difficult to think or concentrate for long periods of the sessions we would consider together whether therapy is appropriate.

Roger Lloyd is a group psychotherapist, analyst, counsellor, therapist, offering counselling for many mental health issues. His practice is accessible to all of London Essex


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