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Professional group psychotherapis tUKCP registered, Diploma in Supervision, 20 years experience.

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Practice address:- 591 Heathway, Dagenham, Essex, RM9 5AZ. Contact :- 0208 595 9633

Enquiries welcome. E-mail or Tel : Jacky Ross, Administrator 0208 595 9633

Currently spaces for group supervision and Skype supervision.

Currently spaces in a Thursday evening therapy group at the Dagenham practice - email or telephone 07941943916 to discuss.

Page in brief : FAQ of a group psychotherapist concerning terminating group psychotherapy, group therapy London, Essex, Kent area

    *   We experience many endings in our lives from the death of loved ones to leaving a school, house, neighbourhood, workplace, friendship, partner, divorce, illness and the loss of health, aging and the loss of youth.

    *   Some of these endings are inevitable and some are chosen, some are pleasant and some more complex, more painful, some well prepared for and some unexpected.

    *   The experience of ending or terminating group psychotherapy will link to, parallel for us perhaps, some of the endings or losses already experienced giving opportunity to revisit these experiences, perhaps to resolve them, rethink them, reevaluate them.

    *   The first step is to establish a relationship with a therapy group that will evolve and when you are ready, provide the opportunity, in the process of ending the therapy, to re-experience key endings.


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