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Our news. Individual focused anger management or next One Day Anger Management Workshops - now booking next weekday one day anger workshop on Monday 30th April 2018; now booking the Saturday one day anger management workshop on 5th May 2018; booking and anger workshop programme. Book on a tailored individual course of anxiety and stress management,


We offer anger management classes in London and help for anger issues in men and women, anger counselling London wide, anger management treatment, a low fee anger management course Essex area held at our anger clinic in Dagenham, East London.

The anger classes in London are in a small group of up to 4 people or you can be seen individually. The anger control class, (programme) anger counselling London wide treatment is designed for those experiencing difficulties, excessive anger, relationship problems, domestic violence, work conflict, panic attacks, excessive angry feelings, aggression or sexual abuse. Book or view resources regarding anger management classes in London. Counselling venue for workshops.

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Our aim :- is to offer counselling to all regardless of gender, age ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, ex-offender or refugee status.

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Phoenix offers individual counselling for effective treatment of anger management, our anger management classes in London are held at our main centre in Dagenham, staffed by experienced counsellors ad psychologists, 95% of those attending give positive feedback on the workshops.

More and more clients are asking us to provide an anger management group or anger management counselling or therapy, particularly focusing on how anger impacts on both men and women, it’s roots, the differences between positive and destructive anger.

We offer space for personal exploration of the underlying feelings and causes for anger, relationship problems, domestic violence, work conflict. Always the counsellor refrains from judgment of feelings and actions.

During the anger classes in London  techniques and practical tools or resources for managing ones anger are offered by the counsellor. Homework is provided so those on the anger management, anger control course can show evidence of the areas studied and the benefits of having attended.

The first step is to attend for an initial consultation, or assessment, with a trained counsellor. Presently the fee for this is 35 - 50, in Dagenham, 15 when on low income, thereafter fees are set according to your means. Allow up to an hour for this session. To book an appointment or inquire further Tel: 0208 984 9887 or > > >E-mail> > > our referral therapist.

Useful Resources

The Royal College of Psychiatrists  by clicking on Press & Public you can access information on mental health issues including coping with stress

The Samaritans have an Exam Stress mini-site.

Childline have a section with fact sheets on exam stress and bullying.

Stress UK is dedicated to education about stress.

To read more about our services for anger management treatment, an anger control course, a range of anger counselling London wide, one day and ongoing anger management course Essex area, the anger clinic London based for all issues click on the navigation buttons on the left.


Phoenix Counselling Service serves over 300 people by phone, face to face, individual therapy, couples work, group therapy, one day courses, every year.


We offer a no waiting policy for both assessment and ongoing work, offering clients who contacted an appointment within two or three days and that appointment being for within 7 to 10 days at most, sometimes even within 24 hours.


We welcome referrals from health professionals, GPs, occupational health, companies, business and corporate clients of individuals, groups, teams for counselling, who are experiencing excessive anger, anger issues in men, need an anger clinic London area, anger management programme, anger counselling London wide anger management course Essex area, for relationship problems, domestic violence, work conflict, In these circumstances we are happy to see clients for individual and group low cost counselling if called for Where we are unable to offer a counsellor or psychotherapist we attempt to refer clients on to more specialist services.

Our centres are accessible to South London, East London, Essex & Kent. The one day anger course management, anger control course is held in Dagenham. Our anger management classes are accessible to London, Essex and the South East.

To find us google the terms anger issues in men, anger management treatment or enter anger control course. Our service specializes in anger counselling London wide and in offering an anger management course Essex area. We can also be found by searching for an anger clinic London based.

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Tel : (44) 0208 984 9887 - 24 hr message service; mob : 07941943916.

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