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We offer focused anger management courses to individuals and small group anger management courses, and workshops. Now Booking one day anger course, on Monday 30th April 2018; next Saturday one day anger workshop 5th May 2018. To book an anxiety and stress management course, at our Dagenham practice.



Page in Brief : A weekend one day anger management course, anger management programme, with CBT to manage and control anger and aggression, root causes of excessive feelings of anger, theory for anger management, examples of false thinking / beliefs, consideration of life style changes - booking form for the one day course at a weekend, anger management workshop Saturday 5th May 2018. Download the form and post with your cheque to book your place on the next weekend one day anger management course at our Dagenham practice or book a place at the next one day anger management course online and email us the name and contact details of the person attending.

If you are looking for further information regarding a one day anger management course - view dates and further information.

Programme for Course (in a small group, usually 4 - 6 people).

Methods and Techniques including CBT to manage anger, stress and aggression.

Exploration of root causes of excessive feelings of anger.

Certificate of attendance.  Homework to continue progress and learning. Toolkit to tackle inappropriate anger, owning behaviour when angry. Assessment to establish and plan further treatment as indicated.
Theory drawn from counselling practice and positive psychology, including

1) Examples of false thinking - inherited response patterns.
2) Consideration of life style changes - e.g. “Sleep diet”, anger diary.
3) Healthy as opposed to unhealthy anger, focus on strengths not weakness.

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Our weekend one day anger management course has been running since 1999 - it has helped many hundreds of clients.

We also offer alternative weekday one day anger management course dates for those who cannot attend on the published weekend or prefer a weekday date.

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