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Phoenix Counselling Service offers confidential, affordable counselling and therapy, a counsellor for all London, Essex. Tel : 0208 595 9633, e-mail our referral co-ordinator. News of next bereavement workshop 24.6.16.

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Our news. Next One Day Anger Management Workshops - next workshop is the weekday, one day anger workshop Monday 6th June; next weekend one day anger workshop is on Saturday 11th June 2016 - booking and programme details. Book one day anxiety management course - next stress workshop Wednesday 15th June 2016 - booking.

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Our aim :- is to offer counselling to all regardless of gender, age ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, ex-offender or refugee status.

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counselling listening skills * type of counselling * counselling help with violence

Can counselling help me, how does it work? When you see one of the Phoenix professional counsellor psychotherapist, counsellors they will be aware that “can counselling help” me is every clients first concern. In working ethically the counsellor should only be prepared to start therapy sessions where they believe the answer is yes. e-mail your question * Can counselling help * Counseling can help with clients where anger rage shame or violence is an issue, encouraging feelings to be expressed in words rather than actions. Our counsellor offers open ended and short term therapy.

      counselling listening skills * type of counselling * counselling help with violence

than be acted upon with the * counselor * counsellor psychotherapist * analyst - putting into words the feeling of extreme shame, guilt,  anger, stress, anxiety, sense of loss, inadequacy can lower the need for physical expression, acknowledging in words and thought, being listened to * can counselling help * and heard when you are fighting for respect, attention, fighting for your life even. * Self harm, suicide attempts, verbal and physical violence may be a message of how extremely unhappy, isolated, full of rage you are. How does counselling work? * Consideration will be given to the type of counselling, approach, psycho-dynamic, cbt, person centred.

       counselling listening skills * type of counselling * counselling help with violence

 * The act of keeping an hour a week clear of everything that is happening in your life, time for you, is an act of commitment to yourself, perhaps the beginning of rethinking, what is troubling, difficult to think, to face, the therapeutic hour is a measure of value for yourself, your worth, self esteem. The fee for counselling, payment is a sign of your worth, we all pay for so many things and exclude ourselves from the picture. It may be very challenging to ask your work, family, partner, other passions to move aside to give you alone some time. You are accompanied in this task by the counsellor psychotherapist who will listen, the nonjudgmental response to your account can be normative story that can bring a reality to your thinking. The first step is to make an inquiry, make an appointment to see the counsellor psychotherapist.

counselling listening skills * type of counselling * counselling help with violence


Every year over 350 people are served by Phoenix Counselling Service counsellors and therapists.


Our feedback survey shows a 95% satisfaction response, with   95% of clients saying our response times, user information and the information they received and their therapy was good or better.


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Tel : (44) 0208 595 9633 - 24 hr message service; mob : 07941943916.

Phoenix Charter for counselling practice.

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