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Phoenix Counselling Service, low fee counselling in Dagenham, accessible to all London, Essex and anger management, anxiety, bereavement workshops, by a counsellor, psychotherapist, positive psychologist. Contact - by e-mail, phone 0208 984 9887, mobile 07941943916. Main counselling centre in Dagenham, spaces in a Thursday evening therapy group with fee range 15 to 25.

News. Book 1 Day Anger Management Workshops - weekday and weekend anger management workshop, Dagenham, East London, in Essex. Next weekday workshop, anger course is on Monday 30th April 2018, still places; now also booking a Saturday one day anger class on 5th May 2018 - email for on line booking. Ongoing anger management treatment offered. Book for a tailored individual course focusing on anger management or anxiety and stress management. Individual treatment offered, considering past patterns, future goals. News of bereavement support.

Couples counselling in Dagenham, marriage or relationship counselling London Essex areas.

Phoenix Counselling offers a therapist, counsellor to individuals and couples

for relationship difficulties, marriage counselling,

seeing clients from the London and Essex area.

Therapy, counselling is perhaps beneficial where impasses are encountered.

Where the partnership has been formalised a marriage counsellor counselling marital issues for couples with problems,

difficulties or conflict. A safe space to think and be heard for difficult to speak of domestic violence, abuse, loss, low sex drive,

separation, emotional stress and following divorce

- we work with those in gay and straight relationships

- couples counselling in Dagenham, relationship counselling London, Essex.

 * We welcome self referrals and also referrals from health professionals, GPs, solicitors and other mental health organisations

 * We see individuals with issues regarding their relationship, including low fee counselling at our Dagenham practice

* Where we are unable to offer appropriate therapy we attempt to refer clients on to more specialist services.

* The centre in Dagenham offers sessional times between 10am and 9pm weekdays, 9am to 1pm Saturdays.

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Phoenix Counselling Service Main Practice & Office
 591 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM9 5AZ (44) 0208 984 9887

Counsellor and Counselling for East London & South West Essex

Our aim :- is to offer counselling, psychotherapy to all regardless of gender, age ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, ex-offender or refugee status.


Phoenix Counselling Service


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* couples counselling in Dagenham * relationship counselling London *

Fuller Description of the service offered - counselling marital issues

In today’s changing times many people experience tensions, conflicts and relationship difficulties in the central relationships to their lives.

Very often clients telephone us asking if we provide a counsellor or therapist for therapy for relationship difficulties, marriage difficulties, issues of conflict, couples counselling, marriage counselling, relationship counselling, counselling following divorce or separation, counselling where there is domestic violence, abuse, emotional stress or relationship difficulties.

We may want to improve our relationships well being, to rekindle the spark that brought us together or be struggling to understand changes in our partners or our own feelings and thoughts. You may be needing help to begin or to end a relationship, to enhance intimacy or revitalize a low-sex or no sex marriage.

Phoenix counsellors are trained to listen without judgment, to help you to make sense of things without taking over. Using conflict resolution techniques, working on issues of sensuality and sexuality, gender, parenting and work roles to develop or recover healthy relationships.

Seeing a counsellor together with your partner is provably effective in helping clear up confusions and resolve impasses.

The first step is to attend for an initial consultation, or assessment, with a trained counsellor, either a direct Phoenix counsellor or an associate. Presently the fee for this is usually between 35 - 50, thereafter fees are set according to your means. Allow up to an hour for this session. To book an appointment or inquire further Tel: 0208 984 9887; mobile 07941943916 or we welcome e-mail contact to our referral therapist, Roger Lloyd.

We welcome telephone inquiries on 0208 984 9887 to find out more about our general work, of low fee counselling in Dagenham reachable from the London area, psychotherapy for anyone living in the Essex area, relationship click on the buttons on the left for information on our services.

* We outline here the fees for our work with relationship difficulties, the charges for our couple counselling in Dagenham, relationship counselling London and Essex areas..

* The charges for our service of marriage counselling, and relationship well being therapy are kept low to offer as many people treatment as possible

 * We are accessible from all areas including Barking, Dagenham, Ilford, Walthamstow, Romford, Central London, South London, East London, North London, West Essex. Referral can be made by the individual, health professional, solicitors, and from business, companies.

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Read more about our services of relationship well being therapy, if you seek couple counselling London wide and for couples counselling Essex area, we offer professional relationship counselling to all regardless of the shape of your relationship. For anyone struggling with marriage difficulties, experiencing domestic violence, wanting to find divorce counselling, seeking a marriage counsellor for counselling marital issues, use the buttons on the left hand side.


Phoenix Charter for counselling practice

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