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Phoenix Counselling Service for confidential, affordable counselling and therapy, a counsellor for all London, Essex. Tel : 0208 984 9887; mob. 07941943916, e-mail our referral co-ordinator. News of next bereavement workshop.

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Low self worth, well being East London

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Our news. Individual focused anger management or next One Day Anger Management Workshops - now booking next weekday one day anger workshop on Monday 30th April 2018; now booking the Saturday one day anger management workshop on 5th May 2018; booking and anger workshop programme. Book on a tailored individual course of anxiety and stress management,

Counselling for low esteem, to clients looking to improve their well being, who live in the East London or Essex area. A counsellor and psychotherapy to those experiencing low self worth, low self-esteem, low mood, feeling depressed, lacking confidence, including CBT therapy. A centre accessible across and near London. We offer low fee work to those living in East London and South Essex. See how to refer for low self worth therapy, to improve well being, we offer gentle exploration, psychotherapy for low mood, counselling for low self esteem. Our aim is to offer counselling to all regardless of means and low fee counselling from 15 is available from our main centre in Dagenham, easily reached from Romford and Rainham, Hornchurch, Grays, South Ockendon, Brentwood  - our associates have practices across all London, into Essex. The therapy and counselling process offers a safe space to gently explore feelings, find new meaning, improve well being and resolve conflicts or trauma.

counselling for low esteem Romford * therapy for low self worth Ilford

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Phoenix Counselling Service


Our aim :- is to offer counselling to all regardless of gender, age ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, ex-offender or refugee status.

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For issues of ...

- low self worth therapy, 1-to-1 counselling for low esteem and to improve self confidence and well being, to counter others criticism and self harm. To help low self-esteem, psychotherapy for low mood, to those lacking confidence, leading to depression and, in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. Our centres are accessible to all considering well being East London wide.

Services offered ... including one day courses, bereavement courses.

The Phoenix counsellor will offer space for personal exploration of the underlying feelings and causes for our actions while the counsellor refrains from judgment of those actions. Counselling may be helpful as part of a stepped approach, alongside treatment to address eating, life style patterns. Counselling provides a place to explore and understand issues of low self worth, low self esteem, low mood intolerance, perfectionism, difficulties in personal relationships that often maintain eating disorders.

How to refer ...

The first step is to attend for an initial consultation, or assessment, or come to a one day workshop focusing on anger, bereavement. Presently the full fee for this is in the range of 35 to 50. In Dagenham low fee work from 15 is offered for those on low income, thereafter fees are set according to your means. Allow up to an hour for this session. To book an appointment or inquire further Tel: 0208 595 9633 or > > >E-mail> > > our referral therapist. We are aware that counselling for low esteem, low self worth therapy, psychotherapy for low mood needs to be confidential counselling.

The initial consultation, assessment. At this meeting the aim is for your questions to be answered and you to decide whether to receive counselling, either for a fixed number of sessions or ongoing. Individual therapy is usually once weekly, meeting for 50 minutes. Whatever you discuss and say to your counsellor is strictly confidential, the counsellor will explain to you at the outset our code of practice in this regard. You may wish to attend as a couple or to receive counselling in a small group for support, both these options are provided by Phoenix and can be discussed at your initial appointment. Outlining the early work more fully.

Our Dagenham practice offers counselling for low esteem Romford area and therapy for low self worth Ilford area, psychotherapy for low mood, easily reached for all thinking about well being East London and areas of Essex such as Hornchurch, Rainham, South Ockendon, Grays, Upminster, and Barking.

counselling for low esteem Romford * therapy for low self worth Ilford

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Every year Phoenix Counselling Service serves over 350 people by phone, face to face, individual therapy, couples work, group therapy, one day courses, and ongoing programmes.


We continue to operate a no waiting policy for both assessment and ongoing work, offering clients who contacted an appointment within two or three days and that appointment being for within 7 to 10 days at most, sometimes even within 24 hours.

Use the navigation buttons to read more about counselling for low esteem Romford areas and therapy for low self worth Ilford area. We have centres across all London and Essex while our direct counsellors based in Dagenham and Ilford, local to Barking, Brentwood, Rainham, Hornchurch, Grays and South Ockendon are able to see clients on low income and in receipt of benefits. Our professional associates also offer psychotherapy for low mood, working with those feeling depressed and searching for resolutions to inner conflicts and criticism.

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Tel : (44) 0208 984 9887 - 24 hr message service; mob : 07941943916.

Phoenix Charter for counselling practice.

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